The Moving Image Laboratory is part of FUSO INSULAR, in coproduction with Arquipélago - Contemporary Arts Center.

It is aimed at the Azorean community interested in the cinematographic art, with the objective of creating new video art works. An ‘Open Call’ encourages people to apply for the Residency Program, which lasts for three months and takes place on the island of São Miguel. A jury composed by members of the local art scene selects up to 8 participants, who receive theoretical training and practical tutoring throughout the Laboratory period.

The Moving Image Laboratory 2022

From July to September, eight participants António Braga, Cristiana Branquinho, Filipe Freitas, Gabriela Oliveira, Inês Vieira, John Tokumei, Laura Brasil e Marco Machado, had the opportunity to deepen their knowledge about the history of the moving image and create their own videos, under the guidance of artists Yuri Firmeza and André Laranjinha.

Yuri Firmeza was responsible for the theoretical component of the Laboratory, which served as a basis for the development of individual projects. Film director, professor and researcher, Firmeza has extensive experience in the field of moving image, with works that push the boundaries between fiction, the possible and the real.

André Laranjinha, a visual artist who lives and works in São Miguel, was in charge of the practical orientation. Laranjinha has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Lisbon and works in cinema, video, visual arts, graphic arts and illustration.

Participation in the Laboratory is free of charge, with the technical support of Arquipélago - Contemporary Arts Center, where the residency program and the screenings of the videos takes place.


Tutors in previous years

Susana de Sousa Dias e André Laranjinha

Daniel Blaufuks e André Laranjinha

Participants in previous years

Carolina Medeiros Rocha
Diogo Sousa
João Amado
Madalena Correia
Mariana Pacheco de Medeiros
Nina Medeiros
Rodrigo Mota
Sara Brum

David Meireles
Greg Le Lay
Mário Roberto
Pedro Páscoa
Sara Leal
Sara Massa

Laboratorio 2022