FUSO INSULAR is launched in 2019 with the intention of surmounting an existing gap in the artistic panorama of the Azores, concerning the knowledge and the training in the area of the moving image.


The objectives of FUSO INSULAR are focused on fostering artistic creation among the young people in the Azores, making new contents available to a wider audience, while at the same time promoting Portuguese video art and the audio visual and cinematographic production in the region. The festival is divided into two moments: Creative Residency Programme Moving Image Laboratory, dedicated to stimulating the creation of new works in video, and the Video Art Screenings, with material selected by national and international curators.

The Moving Image Laboratory is aimed at the Azorean community interested in cinematographic art. Its objective is the creation of video works and the reflection on the moving image as an expression that is transversal to all artistic practices, crossing languages of experimental film, performance, photography, and cinema.

The Video Art Screenings, besides being a platform for the exhibition of the works created in the context of the Moving Image Lab, presents thematic sessions with works — historical and contemporary —, by Portuguese and international artists, programmed by internationally renowned curators.

In this way FUSO INSULAR fulfills its mission to train local artists, disseminate Portuguese art and enrich the cultural offer in the Azores, enriching the general knowledge of the population, while building new audiences.


António Câmara Manuel

General and Curational Coordinator
Rachel Korman

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Alexandre Almeida Coelho

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