Resilience. Hope. Community.
We live in the midst of speculative discussions about the post-pandemic era. There is a tension between order and rupture that is reflected in artistic production. The role of art is to foster meaningful dialogue about the important social, political and environmental challenges facing the world today.
Conflicts of race and class, climate emergency, wars, pandemic, are crises with a planetary dimension that the artists of our time are exploring. How can we create new knowledge and use it as a tool for critical reflection and, ultimately, for collective change?
In 2022, FUSO wants to highlight the possibility of the existence of art as a gesture of resilience and hope.


Created in 2009, FUSO is the only Portuguese video art festival with an annual program of national and international production that takes place in Lisbon and the Azores (FUSO Insular). The program is as eclectic as the languages that video art embodies. As a medium, it is undoubtedly the one that has greater flexibility, greater ability to encompass and cross contemporary artistic disciplines: the visual arts, performance, dance and theatre, film or literature.

The program brings together canonical works from the beginnings of video art with the most contemporary production, contributing to the knowledge of the evolution of video art alongside the artistic developments in contemporary society over the last 60 years. The very evolution from analogue to digital necessarily implies the development of new languages and possibilities of manipulation and expansion of the moving image.

As in previous editions, FUSO 2022 presents works selected by national and international curators, in programmes especially designed for the festival. The notoriety and experience of the guest curators guarantee the consistency and quality of the programming, composed of works by internationally renowned artists in parallel with works by young artists, both Portuguese and foreign. And each year, the festival also pays tribute to historical artists.

One of the main aspects of FUSO is the promotion of the new national creation. Every year an Open Call is launched to Portuguese and foreign residents in Portugal, in order to disseminate, distinguish and encourage emerging artists.

Two prizes are awarded - the EDP/MAAT Foundation Acquisition Award, and the AR.CO Incentive Award, a scholarship to attend one academic year of "Individual Project" in the school’s Film/Moving Image department.

The daily interaction of the curators and artists during the week of the festival encourages the establishment of new partnerships, generating a network of connections and collaborations. The circulation and internationalization of artists and their works is closely linked to this practice. In addition, FUSO is also presented in several Portuguese cities and in other countries, designing different exhibition formats adapted to the location.

This is how FUSO fulfills its mission of promoting cultural diversity and contributing to the dissemination of Portuguese artists inside and outside the country.

Currently, FUSO INSULAR - Video Art Festival of the Azores takes place in the archipelago, with sessions put together by national and international curators, and a creative laboratory for local artists. The Moving Image Laboratory, a residency program held during the summer on the island of São Miguel, aims to create a video art work and constitute a platform for the presentation of these artists.

By stimulating critical thinking around new media and by promoting the enrichment of knowledge and dissemination of video art, FUSO contributes significantly to the dynamics of national contemporary art.


António Câmara Manuel

Artistic Director
Jean-François Chougnet

General and Curatorial Coordinator
Rachel Korman

Open Call Jury
Irit Batsry, Isabel Nogueira, Margarida Chantre, Susana De Sousa Dias, Sofia Arriscado e Costanza Givone

Production Director
Ana Calheiros

Technical Director
Alexandre Almeida Coelho

Press and Social Media
Rita Bonifácio / Paris, Texas

Graphic Design
ilhas studio

Maria Nery

Alípio Padilha

Horta Seca