August 25th - 29th, 2021

Created in 2009, FUSO is the only open-air video art festival in Lisbon, in unique spaces such as gardens and museum cloisters. With free admission, the festival welcomes artists, curators, the general public and Portuguese institutions involved in this artistic practice. A program of excellence proposes new perspectives on video art, revealing authors and contemporary works, but also presenting historical pieces rarely or never seen in Portugal.

By exposing the relationship between experimental film languages, performance, photography and cinema, FUSO brings a new awareness to the moving image of the 21st century.

A national competition encourages creators and artists to develop proposals and present them through an open call, awarding the winner with the acquisition prize by the collection of MAAT/EDP Foundation. An incentive award is given to the best video, chosen by the public, by Ar.Co - centre of art and visual communication.

By fostering critical thinking around new media and promoting the enrichment of knowledge and dissemination of video art in the Portuguese panorama, FUSO contributes to the dynamics of contemporary national art.

At the Border

‘At the border’ is the proposed theme for FUSO 2021.

Physical and digital, geographical and political, the term "border” is inevitably associated with contradictory ideas of belonging and exclusion, of freedom and constraint, protection and defence.

In 2021, Fuso - international video art festival of Lisbon will step beyond these simple dichotomies by challenging curators and artists to think contemporary boundaries, whether natural, human, or virtual. In doing so, we aim to ignite debates about nationalism, identity, privacy, physical walls, rebellion, emancipation, conquest, and what lies at the fringes, having video art as a medium.





Attention: Applications until July 7th

General Conditions

A jury, presided over by Margarida Chantre, will select the best video.

The previous selection of videos in the running will be the responsibility of Jean-François Chougnet.

In 2021, the EDP/MAAT Foundation maintained its partnership with the FUSO Open Call – Lisbon International Annual Video Art Festival, through its granting of the EDP/MAAT Foundation Acquisition Award for the jury’s selection of the best work, in the amount of 2.500€.

The public will also be invited to vote on pre-selected videos at a public session at the MAAT – Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology’s garden on the 26th of August, 2021*. The author(s) of the work, selected by the public, will be awarded the Ar.Co – Art and Visual Communication Center’s Incentive Award, consisting of one year scholarship for the “Individual Project” at the Cinema and Moving Image department of the school.

The selection of the competing videos, as well as the awarding of the prize, will be entirely the responsibility of FUSO - Lisbon International Annual Video Art Festival. There will be no appeal or complaint permitted with regards to its decisions, given that they are always, and in all circumstances, unquestionable and final.

The jury reserves the right to not attribute an award if no competing videos fulfil the quality prerequisites of, or are in conformity with, the requirements of this competition.

* If the restrictions imposed by COVID-19 pandemic won’t allow a live session with the public, voting will be online.



EDP/MAAT Foundation Acquisition Award in the amount of 2.500€.



Ar.Co – Art and Visual Communication Center’s Incentive Award, consisting of one year scholarship for the “Individual Project” at the Cinema and Moving Image department of the school.


Participation Conditions

All Portuguese artists living in Portugal or abroad, and all foreign artists living in Portugal only, may participate. The application is also valid for pairs or collectives in which one of the members meets the requirements of being Portuguese or resident in Portugal.

More than one application may be submitted, up to a maximum of three, by each artist or collective, but each must be submitted separately.

In order for us to view the selection of submitted videos, these must be hosted on a web platform (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.). The respective link, as well as any password, if applicable, must appear on the application form, in the appropriate fields.

The submitted videos:

a) may be by an individual or a collective;

b) must not exceed 10 minutes;

c) must have been produced between 2019 and 2021;

d) must be accompanied by their technical files containing the following data:
-name of the artist or collective

The artists will be notified via email if their video is selected, by 25th of July, 2021.

At that time, if you are selected, you will be asked to immediately send the following:

a) video(s) in one of the following formats: MP4 or MOV, adequate for projection;

b) 2 to 3 stills of the video(s) selected;

c) declaration of authorization for exhibition of the selected video at FUSO - Lisbon International Annual Video Art Festival;

d) copy of identification document.


Applications must be submitted online, on the appropriate form until 11:59pm on the 30th of June, 2021

Applications will only be valid if all the fields on the form are properly filled out.

All elements registered in the application will not be returned.

For more information, please contact: