FUSO – Anual de Vídeo Arte Internacional de Lisboa

Created in 2009, FUSO is the only open-air video art festival in Lisbon, in unique spaces such as gardens and museum cloisters. With free admission and over six nights, the festival welcomes artists, curators, the general public, Portuguese institutions involved in this artistic practice and also specialists and holders of international collections.

A program of excellence proposes new perspectives on video art, revealing authors and contemporary works, but also presenting historical pieces rarely or never seen in Portugal.
By exposing the relationship between experimental film languages, performance, photography and cinema, FUSO brings a new awareness to the moving image of the 21st century.

A national competition encourages creators and artists to develop proposals and present them through an open call, awarding the winner with the acquisition prize by the collection of MAAT/EDP Foundation.

By fostering critical thinking around new media and promoting the enrichment of knowledge and dissemination of video art in the Portuguese panorama, FUSO contributes significantly to the dynamics of contemporary national art.

FUSO 2019

Sustainability is the motto of FUSO 2019, understood as the respect for the environment and cultural and social diversity, within a righteous and consequent economic growth.

In today's world, scientific evidence on global warming is discredited by governments in countries where the far-right ascended to power, positioning themselves against the minority’s rights and international agreements on the free movement of both people and ideas. The art field has been wondering about its role while searching for new relevant postures to face these challenges. What changes of attitude and functioning would be suitable to artists, curators, art critics, gallery owners and collectors in their individual and institutional aspects?

FUSO gazes into the future from what can be done in the present time.

FUSO 2018

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