Unstable Equilibrium

Ar.Co – Centro de Arte e Comunicação Visual
Once again taking over the curation of the videos which will be presented, at a pace of one per day, on the screens of Canal Lisboa, during the seven days of the FUSO Festival, Ar.Co – School of Arts and Visual Communication presents a selection of work directed by the students from the Cinema / Moving Image Course, which responded to the theme launched this year, contemplating the concept of sustainability.
During these brief videographic instants, which will be exhibited on the eighteen screens spread throughout the city of Lisbon, sustainability is presented as an unstable equilibrium. In classical physics, this latter concept defines the progressive distancing of the object relative to its position of equilibrium. In these videos, the objects and the body experiment with these limits of suspension in space and time, in which, at times, the potential danger of the fall is bolstered by new gravitational dimensions.


Local:Museu da Marioneta
Date/Time:Sep 1, at 11:15 pm
Image:Unstable Equilibrium, Stephanie Kyel

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