The Order Electrus

Floris Kaayk

Curator: Tom Van Vliet | Session: The Universe of Floris Kaayk

The Order Electrus (2005) is a fictional documentary which shows Floris Kaayk’s imaginary world of industrialised nature, situated in a derelict area of the Ruhr (Germany). Due to overcapacity in production systems, many factories in Germany were forced to close down. Over the course of many years these derelict industrial areas became a breeding ground for an electrical insects species, also called The Order Electrus. These insects evolved through the merging with nature and technology.



Date/Time: August 30, at 10:00 pm
Author: Floris Kaayk
Curator: Tom Van Vliet
Year: 2005
Duration: 7’20’’

Works selected by the curator: