The Feeling of Power

Robert Beck

Curator: Lori Zippay | Session: “The Feeling of Power”: Bodies of Resistance

Created during the height of the AIDS crisis in the U.S., The Feeling of Power offers a self-reflexive manifesto on grassroots video activism that brings the 1970s “guerrilla television” movement into the age of the 8mm video camcorder. Beck first takes the viewer on a spirited video romp that links American television, postwar suburbia, pop culture, and consumerism, then chillingly and presciently documents a 1989 protest by the AIDS activist collective ACT UP at Trump Tower in New York.

Video: Robert Beck | Music: Stephen Vitiello and Shin Shimokawa | Text by Peter Bowen and Robert Beck | Studio, Editing and Post-Production: Electronic Arts Intermix. This project was created with 8mm video equipment and was made possible in part with the support of Made in 8, sponsored by The Kitchen Center for Music, Dance, Performance and Film. Color, sound.



Date/Time:August 31, at 11:15 pm
Author:Robert Beck
Curator:Lori Zippay

Works selected by the curator:


Carolee Schneemann