Shall We Dance

Paulo Arraiano
August 27th

Curator: Jean-François Chougnet | Session: Open Call

In a contemporary context that some may call a 4th revolution (Klaus Schwab) referring to a new digital paradigm and transition point to a moment in time with a presence of superintelligence, IA awakening, DNA revolution, biotech, nanotech and other elements that will transform society and reality as we know it, we may arrive at a place where we shall decide what is machine and whats is human. Swiping reality, we are experiencing an age of a technologic and biological exponential change, and a new sensorial revolution.

Beyond a utopian or dystopian perspective, we are facing the idea of the anthropocene, the current geological age, viewed as the period during which human activity has been the dominant influence on climate and environmental changes in the earth’s surface and oceans, our carbon footprint creates radical climate change.

In spite of that, we are still focused on an anthropocentric vision of our own world, and looking to a technological and scientific escape; our body as well as our landscape, a playground for atoms and molecules, will be transformed in the present into a new physical and even spiritual paradigm, with the possibility of the existence of new hybrid species or biologically based machines with cognitive augmented intelligence. The possibility of clones, holograms and different kinds of lifeforms and data that create questions on perceiving what is actually real. A moment where soil, plants, animals and mankind become immortal data…

Coming from water, all living forms were able to grow and survive, procreate and colonise this planet, and transform it. According to recent studies, if scientists were to draw an enormous family tree for all of Earth’s animals, the oldest branch would belong to the jellyfish (medusae). This simple form is made up of around 95% water and, due to its simplicity, has been surviving with an extreme degree of complexity, as opposed to mankind.


Date:Paulo Arraiano
Author:August 27th
Curator: Jean-François Chougnet

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