Hugo Alves aka SLIITZ, was born in Lisbon, where he studied and completed his Bachelor degree in Directing at the Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema. He has directed short films, including “Spiders”, recently selected for the Fantasia Film Festival and co-directed the feature film “O Que Há De Novo No Amor?” (What´s New in Love) which won the TAP award for best full-length feature of Portuguese Fiction at the IndieLisboa Festival. After his “year zero” of film in Portugal, he went to live in Montreal and later in London, where he still resides. In the last few years he has dedicated himself to directing music videos for independent Hip Hop artists and Video Art projects related to dance and corporal expression. As SLIITZ, he finds his identity in urban culture and experimental art.


Works of this artist at Fuso 2018: