Sandra Rocha


Sandra Rocha was born in the Azores, on the Terceira Island, in 1974. She lives in Paris. In recent years, she has developed a photography of a more poetic artistic approach. Globally, the images offer universes of water, are inhabited by beardless youths, singular animals, strange landscapes…they flirt with the idea of the absurd, the idea that there is no meaning to be found in the world beyond the meaning we ourselves give it. Denouncing an inconvenience where, upon first glance, we see only beauty and harmony, the work is, in a broad sense, about the lack of meaning, amorality, and injustice in the world. In her latest projects, Sandra Rocha has favoured the book as a support for presentation. She has published the following monographies: Dérive des Baigneuses (Filigranes 2017); La Vie Immédiate, (LOCO 2017);  Le Silence des Sirènes, (LOCO 2016); Anticyclone (Auto Edição, 2015); Há Metafísica Bastante em não Pensar em Nada (CML, 2009).

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