Marta Lança


Marta Lança, Lisbon (1976). PhD student in Artistic Studies (FCSH-UNL). She  created the independent publications: V-ludo (1999-01), Dá Fala (Cape Verde 2004), Games Without Borders (2008 co-ed) and the BUALA platform. Marta has written in several cultural publications. Translated books by Asger Jorn and Achille Mbembe. She collaborated with the First Triennial of Luanda and Dockanema Festival, Maputo. Spends seasons in Brazil. Marta has programmed Roça Língua, a meeting of Portuguese-speaking writers, the cycle Paisagens Efémeras, dedicated to Ruy Duarte de Carvalho (2015), the Expats program for FITEI, with Rita Natálio (2015), Vozes do Sul for the Festival of Silence (2017), conferences of the NAU!, TEP (2018) and, with Raquel Lima, the cycle “Para nós por nós: African and Afro-Diasporic cultural production in debate” (2018). In cinema, she ran several series in African countries, and also appears in the film Ordinary Time, by Susana Nobre (2018). Marta Lança performed with Alberto Pimenta.

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Marta Lança & Pedro Castanheira