LealVeileby is a duo made up of António Leal (Lisbon, Portugal, 1976) and Jesper Veileby (Karlstad, Sweden, 1985). They live and work in Malmö, Sweden, but keep an atelier in Lisbon which they use often. Utilizing a variety of methods such as video, objects or installations, the duo investigates the nature of art and the making of knowledge. Their practice is described as a playful exploration of the scientific, occult and linguistic landscapes. In 2017, they received an annual work scholarship form the Swedish Arts Grants Committee. Leal finished his Masters in Fine Arts at the Malmö Art Academy (2009-11, adviser Gertrud Sandqvist), and attended the Independent Study Program of Maumaus – School of Visual Art in Lisbon (2006-09). Veileby finished his Bachelor degree and his Maters in Fine Arts at the Malmö Art Academy (2009-14, adviser João Penalva).
The duo has shown individually at Espaço Campanhã (Porto, 2018), at Konsthall K (Karlstad, 2014), at Espaço Campanhã (Porto, 2013) and at Galleri Pictura (Lund, 2012). As far as collective shows, the highlights: Fuso – Video Art Festival, MAAT (Lisbon, 2017), XIX Bienal de Cerveira (Vila Nova de Cerveira, 2017), Sjöbo konsthall (Sjöbo, 2017) and Inter Arts Center (Malmö, 2015).

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Works of this artist at Fuso 2018: