Kiki Mazzucchelli


Kiki Mazzucchelli lives and works in London. Mazzucchelli is an independent curator, editor and writer. Recent exhibition projects include ‘Ivens Machado: The Raw of the World’ (Pivô, 2016) and Santa Fe Biennial (2016). She co-founded, with Alessandra Ferrari, the Patrons Circle, Gasworks Brazilian Residency in 2017, which offers a fully funded 3-months residency for artists based in Brazil. She is the editor of Tonico Lemos Auad’s monograph (Koenig, 2018) and Marcelo Cidade – Blind Wall (Cobogó, 2016). She is the artistic director of Kupfer, London, and co-curator (with Cristiana Tejo) of Belojardim Residency.


Hands Dialogues: Richard Serra, Rivane Neuenschwander and Tamar Guimarães

MUHNAC, September 1, at 10:00 pm