Frutífera Ilha


From the interior of Bahia, living in Salvador, Frutífera is a transformist, afro-futurist, artivist, makeup artist, artist of the body, visual artist, stylist, video-maker and performer, created by chaos and the cosmic womb, researching the expansion and the unfolding of her body, marked by the Brazilian diaspora and ancestry, transforms the monstrous experience and dissident subjectivity armed with aesthetic and performative reconstruction, rooted in integrated arts, she foresees building a new world based on pre-colonial voices and portals. Has been working in the artistic scene in Salvador for nearly four years, same period of time she was part of the collective/family, and in 2017 also artistic residency, “Casa Monxtra”, and for almost a year part of the peripheral afro-lgbt collective “AfroBapho”.

Works of this artist at Fuso 2020: