Open Call 2018



EDP/MAAT Foundation Acquisition Award
[Jury’s choice]
Luciano Scherer & Maíra Flores
Sem título (5), 2018, 5’05’’

FUSO|RESTART Incentive Award
[Public’s choice]
Cinza Nunes

Honorable Mention Award
[Jury’s choice]
Francisca Manuel
Avenida 211, 2018, 7’


The FUSO 2018 jury was presided over by Ana Anacleto (MAAT), Helena Barranha (Superior Technical Institute – Lisbon University), Isabel Nogueira (curator, researcher and university professor), Irit Batsry (visual artist) and the duo LealVeileby (winners of the 2017 FUSO OPEN CALL).

The jury’s deliberation
The piece “Sem título (5)”, by the duo Luciano Scherer & Maíra Flores, is a beautiful example of a great connection between poetical and political content.
The intelligent manner with which it treats the question of the representation of death – a subject which is transversal to the History of Art and Western visual production – linking it to the real, in the courageous manner with which it touches upon the urgent question of the migration movements in the Mediterranean, stimulates in the viewer a double condition: on the one hand, a discomfort and, on the other, a predisposition towards contemplation.
The absence of narrative structure, and the inclusion of the ambient sound (present in each of the instances filmed), reinforce its condition as a work in progress, and grant a great freedom of interpretation to the spectator.


Applications for the 2019 edition start on May 15, 2019.

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