ON EXILE, elsewhere within here

José Carlos Teixeira

Curator: Marta Mestre | Session: Reload

At the crossroads between documentary cinema, art and anthropology, “ON EXILE, elsewhere within here”, investigates the concepts of migration, dislocation and alterity. Through interviews with refugees from Muslim communities from the Middle East and North Africa, exiled in the United States, this experimental film constructs intimate psychological portraits, inserting them into a specific historical and political context. Aesthetically and ethically committed to the ethnographic encounter and to the delicate questions of representation and the Other, the author attempts to listen to and inscribe the voices of the refugees, in opposition to a dominant discourse that denies them agency or their own existence. ON EXILE invites us then, to a lingering reflection and time, to a necessary process of empathy and intersubjectivity – “to return the Other to us, or return us to the Other” (J. Pinharanda).

This is a 70-minute abridged version of the original.



Date/Time: Aug 30, at 22:00 pm
Author:José Carlos Teixeira
Curator:Marta Mestre

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