The Caretaker

Jonathas de Andrade

Curator: Moacir dos Anjos | Session: Distribution of Bodies and Representation of What Remains

The Caretaker (O Caseiro) creates a flux of images which parallel those created by Joaquim Pedro de Andrade in the film The Master of Apipucos (1959), synchronizing both narratives as if they were a single piece. Taking the place of the sociologist Gilberto Freyre in the original film, there is now a black man who is, supposedly, in charge of caring for the house where the former lived. The work suggests the asymmetries of the positions attributed to white and black bodies in those places and, by extension, in Brazilian society.



Date/Time:August 31, at 10:00 pm
Author:Jonathas de Andrade
Curator:Moacir dos Anjos

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