Nshajo (O Jogo)

Raquel Scheffer

Curator: Marta Mestre | Session: Reload

Between 1957 and 1960, anthropologist Jorge Dias, one of the main figures of Portuguese colonial ethnography and Luso-Tropicalist Movement, conducted three field studies in the Macondes Plateau, in Northern Mozambique. In 1960, during one of the expeditions to Mozambique, Jorge Dias stayed for some days in my family’s house, in Mucojo, where my grandfather was the post administrator. “Nshajo (The Game)” articulates the narration of a prosaic episode of Jorge Dias’ stay in Mucojo with an attempt of visual reflection on anthropological representation and the processes of empirical observation, imitation, and acculturation.



Date/Time: Aug 30, at 22:00 pm
Author:Raquel Scheffer
Curator:Marta Mestre

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