NoirBLUE: displacements of a dance

Ana Pi

Curator: Moacir dos Anjos | Session: Distribution of Bodies and Representation of What Remains

In NoirBLUE: displacements of a dance, the paused voice of the author is a guide for the various trajectories which, without much fuss, she and the film take (literally or symbolically) between different territories and times, brought closer together by the racism which has for centuries structured the world. In the film, black bodies evoke atavistic movements which resisted everything, and invent others, new ones, which give them the strength to keep going. It is a work which affirms, in low, but firm tones, how gestures and speech recognise and create places of belonging.

Production, image and editing: Ana Pi



Date/Time:August 31, at 10:00 pm
Author:Ana Pi
Curator:Moacir dos Anjos
Image:© Ana Pi

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