Muntadas’ Survey

Antoni Muntadas
«Muntadas is a passionate ‘media investigator’ of both public and private communications methods. He probes and examines every aspect of information with concern, reporting his findings in artworks that are sincere and truthful assertions of the ways in which communication and control equate. Although his evidence is available to each of us daily through the various electronic and print media, including newspapers, television and radio (to name only a few), most of us are not in the habit of evaluating the information we receive Muntadas trains his investigative eye on this deluge of facts and figures and concepts and reveals to us those provocative situations which highlight the impact of the media on society and on individual consciousness. He delights in transforming this accessible, public information into a personal statement and a work of art, which he accomplishes by manipulating and reassembling images that have different meanings in other contexts. Muntadas utilizes a variety of resources, and his total body of work may take the form of videotape, installation and/or printed material. His work always involves the flood of information that engulfs us daily. We believe we can control this flood, but, according to Muntadas, it actually controls us.
The deductive search that Muntadas conducts requires that all forms of mass communication be scrutinized. His ‘proof’ is presented in a systematic series of media experiences that expose the power of the media – its capacity to impose values rather than merely to inform. Muntadas challenges the reader/viewer to “wake up” and realize that the mass media and its many messages should never be taken as simple information exchange.»
Extract of the text Muntadas Selected Video Works 1974 – 1984, Kathy Rae Huffman
Huffman, Kathy Rae. Muntadas. In: Muntadas: Selected video works, 1974-1984. Los Angeles: LAICA, 1985, 3-4.



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Antoni Muntadas


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