Mamá no tengo bombón

Antonia Gaeta

The platonic tradition, with its concept of a world ruled by tensions between spiritual forces and governed by a universal soul uniting the diverse orders of reality, provides the speculative basis of the works chosen for the FUSO Festival. The videos (June 1972) and (Shoe), both from 1999, by Jorge Queiroz, share the idea that the whole universe is traversed by vital forces which can eventually – not always successfully – be recognized and dominated: the spiritual in the sensorial, the number, the form, the rationality of the senses. These videos, which Jorge Queiroz created 20 years ago in New York, where he was studying and living at the beginning of his career, introduce an experience and radical use of video moved by a sense of mystery and nonsense. In his speculative adventure, in the order and connection of knowledge, ideas and principles, Queiroz mirrors relationships which unite everything. The camera follows the shadows of the ideas, the order of the concepts, the lines of the drawings, voices, formal principles and inseparable materials.



Schedule:August 28, at 7:00 pm (GMT+1)

Antonia Gaeta


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