Imperial Valley (Cultivated Run-Off)

Lukas Marxt

Curator: Margarida Mendes | Session: Hydrologics

The Imperial Valley represents one of California’s most important regions of industrial agriculture. Corporate agricultural production interests have been able to successfully cultivate and exploit this geological part of the Sonora desert through a gigantic irrigation system fed by the Colorado River, as well as the All-American Canal specifically engineered for this purpose and which attained sad notoriety through the Mexican migration movement. The system’s run-off flows through pipes, pumps and canals leading to the Salton Sea, an artificial lake that is approaching ecological as well as economic disaster, just as bordering regions of Mexico.

Courtesy of the artist and SixPack Film.



Date/Time: August 31, at 11:15 pm
Author:Lukas Marxt
Curator: Margarida Mendes
Duration: 14’

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