Global Groove

Global Groove

Nam June Paik

Curator: Lori Zippay | Session: “Global Groove” Revisited

Created for broadcast television, Global Groove is an iconic work in the history of video art. Paik’s “manifesto” on global communications in a media-saturated world is an electronic collage that adopted and subverted the language of television. Paik brings together cross-cultural elements, artworld figures, and Pop iconography. Subjecting his transcultural content to stream-of-consciousness editing, audio and video synthesis, colorization, temporal shifts and layering, Paik creates a controlled chaos that suggests a romp through the channels of a global TV.

By: Nam June Paik and John Godfrey
Director: Merrily Mossman
With: Pamela Sousa, Kenneth Urmston, Allen Ginsberg, Peggy Anne Lombard, Susan Kay Bottoms, Charlotte Moorman, Alan Schulman, Jud Yalkut, Sun Ock-Lee, Cecelia Sandoval and John Cage
Narrator: Russell Connor
Production: TV Lab at WNET/Thirteen



Local:Museu da Marioneta
Date/Time: September 1, at 10:00 pm
Author:Nam June Paik
Curator: Lori Zippay

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