Finalists Open Call 2019

On the 15th of May, we launched the Open Call for para Portuguese artists and foreign artists residing in Portugal. We received 147 videos and selected 14 works by 14 artists. Thank you to everyone!
Here are the selected works for the FUSO 2019 Open Call:
CINZA NUNES // Périot Meets Acconci, 2’45’’
GONÇALO NOGUEIRO NEVES // What Really Goes Through Our Minds: The Times They
Are A-Changin, 6’54’’
ISAQUE PINHEIRO // A Gregos e a Troianos, 1’02’’
JOÃO PAULO SERAFIM // Extinct Birds, 5’14’’
JOÃO PEDRO FONSECA // Animal Fantasma, 04’23’’
MARCOS KUZKA // Pong Ping, 1’10’’
MARGARIDA PAIVA // Soul blidness, 10’
MAX PROVENZANO // Inflasjon, 2’30’’
SANDRA ROCHA // Para que servem as pedras senão para serem deslocadas?, 5’10’’
SOFIA CAETANO // North, 7’07’’
SOFIA CAETANO // Water you broke my heart (by Fatty Con Fetti), 2’47’’
TÂNIA DINIS // Teresa, 4’37’’
YURI FIRMEZA // Apenas um Gesto Ainda Nos Separa do Caos, 9’31’’
These videos will be presented on the 29th of August, at 10pm, in the Praça do Carvão (Coal Square) at MAAT.
To the Open Call videos, two awards will be given out: FUSO Acquisition| EDP / MAAT Fundation Award, in the amount of 2.500€ and FUSO Incentive | Restart Award, in the amount of 1.500€.
The winning entries will be revealed at the closing of the festival, on the 1st of
September, at 11:30pm, in the Cloisters of the Museu da Marioneta (Puppet Museum).