Distribution of Bodies and Representation of What Remains

Moacir dos Anjos

Brazil is a country founded on acts of violence, committed by European colonizers against the indigenous peoples and against the black population brought by force from Africa and enslaved. It is a country which institutes itself anchored in racism. This violence, which is constantly upgraded, encourages an asymmetrical distribution of white, black and mixed race bodies in leisure, living and work spaces, in which the first possess power of movement and command, while the others are submitted, by various means, to a regime of regimented circulation and obedience to the given rules. A hegemonic distribution which has been reproduced and confirmed in production and composition within the field of the visual arts in Brazil. Recent creations suggest; however, that there is being constituted, within this exclusionary field, and in alignment with transformations taking place in other niches, a representation of the leftovers, which names damages and reclaims the condition of a part of that which is considered left over, redistributing, in new, symbolic places, the bodies that inhabit the country and the world. The three works gathered here contribute to this change in different ways, indicating that the sustainability – social, ethical, political and cultural – of a community, also depends on the radical and continuous struggle against the racism entrenched in its institutions, and in the words and gestures of those that belong to it.


Date/Time:Aug 31, at 10:00 pm
Image:bárbara balaclava, Thiago Martins de Melo

Moacir dos Anjos


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