Check Yo Self

Ice Cube
30 August

Curator: Greg de Cuir Jr. | Session: ‘The Message’ is the Medium

Ice Cube helped introduce the subgenre of gangster rap. The video for his song ‘Check Yo Self’ is depicted as a sequel to the video for his hit single ‘It Was a Good Day’, directed by F. Gary Gray, who would go on to fame making Hollywood movies. A cinematic mode is utilised here, in which acting and linear storytelling is prioritised. Around this time MTV began including credits that detailed the name of the director. One might say that the music video then achieved the status of a work of art.


Check Yo Self, Ice Cube, 1993, Priority Records

Writer: Ice Cube

Producers: DJ Muggs, Ice Cube


Date:30 August
Author:Ice Cube
Curator: Greg de Cuir Jr.

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