António Olaio
August 27

Curator: Jean-François Chougnet | Session: Open Call

Video-performance that uses unused footage of a feature film where I performed as an extra and was allowed to improvise… The monochrome, black swimming pool isolates my body as though it were in suspension… In water as if it were in space… By adding a red moon, a blood moon plays its role in an artifice of the creation of a place, nowhere place nowhere, science fiction at low altitude. Lost. How can I be lost? / Facing my own door / Stepping on my ground? Far, far away from me / As far as I can see / I can be born again / There / In the highest hill / Where the wolves stand still / Just waiting for me / I can rise again / Taller than I am / There / I’ll sit on a stone / Pretend to be alone / I’ll look at the sky and cry

Direction, Production and Editing: António Olaio
Cinematography: Paulo Castilho
Camera Assistant: Leandro Silva
Lyrics, Music and Voice: António Olaio
Music: Haarvöl (Fernando José Pereira, João Faria, Rui Manuel Vieira)


Date:August 27
Author:António Olaio
Curator: Jean-François Chougnet

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