Eva Stefani

Curator: Evanthia Tsantila | Session: Figuring the Aftermath

The film follows a summer season in the lives of a group of retired Greek men and women who are regular visitors at various Greek spa towns. Life around Greek spa towns moves slowly with rhythms that are reminiscent of times past. Within this listless atmosphere people feel free to do and say things they would never be allowed in their respective normal social circles. A sense of freedom and lightness is in the air. Instead of being amongst elderly people, one often gets the feeling of being around a group of teenagers in a summer camp. This joyful atmosphere often alternates with reflections on the past or on death.

Video, color, sound. Director/camera: Eva Stefani | Production: Eva Stefani, GRAAL S.A., ERT | Editing: Alexandros Sampsonides | Research team: Nikos Zoiopoulos, Varvara Papadopoulou | Ass. director, second camera: Nikos Zoiopoulos | Technical advisors: Ioannes Darides, Bella Ivanova



Date/Time:September 1, at 11:15 pm
Author:Eva Stefani
Curator:Evanthia Tsantila
Photo/Copyright:Eva Stefani

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