Avó (Muidumbe)

Raquel Scheffer

Curator: Marta Mestre | FUSO on the Road

Portrait of a colonial family in Mozambique, ex-Portuguese colony, in 1960. A sequence of 8 mm familiar footage is the point of departure of an experimental documentary about the artist’s relationship with an imaginary territory – the town of Muidumbe, in Mozambique, in 1960, just before the beginning of the Colonial War, where her family used to live and her grandfather was the Head of the Administrative Post. “Granny (Muidumbe)” portrays her gradual transformation into her grandmother as an aim to explore and deconstruct the discursive lapses between text (family letters), postcolonial memories and archive image, searching for the signs of an unknown obsessive territory.



Author:Raquel Scheffer
Curator:Marta Mestre