As to Posterity

Marina Gioti

Curator: Evanthia Tsantila | Session: Figuring the Aftermath

A collection of visual evidence from an Athens of the near future devoid of humans. Its inhabitants have mysteriously disappeared, leaving behind a “tableau mourant” of reinforced concrete, metal and plastic debris coexisting with glorious marble and the local flora and fauna. Part science fiction, part archaeological mystery, the work offers a picturesque expedition of the new Greek ruins, through an apposition of findings that serve as hints for the unknown fate of the film’s elusive protagonists: the – conspicuous by absence – Athenians.

HD video, color, sound | Director: Marina Gioti | Photography, sound, editing: Marina Gioti | Additional photography: Yiannis Kanakis | Sound mix: Stefanos Konstantinidis.



Date/Time: September 1, at 11:15 pm
Author:Marina Gioti
Curator:Evanthia Tsantila
Photo/Copyright:Marina Gioti

Works selected by the curator: