A Gregos e a Troianos

Isaque Pinheiro

Curator: Jean-François Chougnet | Session: Open Call – Screening of competition finalists

The video A Gregos e a Troianos was conceived and constructed as an unfolding of an interactive and performative sculptural work, also authored by me. Built from an old shutter recovered from the trash, this work revolves around a window positioned between the public and the world. The public is invited to interact with the piece in a game of many possibilities such as diversity, difference, tolerance and reflection, among others, creating multiple landscape possibilities. In the video, the shutter, initially in the form of a rectangle, an efficient form to completely obscure the view from a window, presents itself full of holes resulting from possible stoning. A figure enters the scene, and appealing to the gliding of the shutter´s blades, to the left and to the right, without discarding the centre, alters the contours of the object. What used to be a rigid and overly conventional geometric form, gives way to an organic, multilateral contour, worthy of an assembly. And so, another organization is unravelled, transforming the shutter into a new landscape in which the holes that were only noise now inscribe the word “Democracy”. Once the word is perfectly represented, the narrative takes on the inverse meaning. Once again the blades are moved, so that once again they are reorganized around the object´s contours. At the centre, the word “Democracy” is sacrificed in order to once again attain the clean contour of a rectangle, even if it is full of meaningless holes. The video is black and white and silent, with no sound, and must be presented in a loop, thus creating the intended cyclical narrative.

Idea, direction and performance: Isaque Pinheiro
Production, photography and edition: Ana Maria de Carvalho and Isaque Pinheiro



Date/Time:August 29, at 10:00 pm
Author: Isaque Pinheiro
Curator: Jean-François Chougnet

Works selected by the curator:


Marta Lança & Pedro Castanheira


Sofia Caetano