Rio Negro

Cristina Ataíde
August 25th – 10 pm

Curator: Jean-François Chougnet | Session: Open Call – Selected Videos

The Video was made during the residency LABVERDE – Art Immersion Program in the Amazon area in August 2019.  Those moving images are the result of a deep fascination for the moment where the waters of the Rio Negro and Solimões Rivers cross.
For 5 days, the group of artists and locals traveled the Rio Negro and the meandering Rio Cuieiras.
It’s dark brown, reddish coloured waters, and mixtures of blue that reflected the sky, in such a mirrored way that they resulted in an effect of symmetry where the only moment of perception of space would be the horizon line. This fusion of space leads them to think of reality as a simulacrum of optical effects and phenomena in which the video can briefly reproduce the experience of “Place”.
During the night, I walked the trails, alone, I recorded the sounds of the surrounding forest, populated by beings almost always invisible, in an emotional experience, created by rich and enraptured sounds. Between the borders of the visible and the invisible, this video is a brief interpretation of an unforgettable experience of a place in the world where the forest is being systematically destroyed by Man,  and a river as the frontier of Nature, always in constant mutation.


Date:August 25th
Author:Cristina Ataíde
Curator: Jean-François Chougnet

Works selected by the curator:


Sofia Arriscado & Costanza Givone


Helena Inverno, Verónica Castro & Bouchra Ouizguen