Tânia Dinis


1983, de Vila Nova de Famalicão.
Master in Contemporary Artistic Practices, FBAUP, Porto 2015. Degree in Theater Studies, – Interpretation – ESMAE in 2006.
Directed the short films They’re not fava beans, they’re scarlet runner beans 2013, Old Wives’ Tales in 2015, video installation Line in 2016, Teresa and Laura in 2017, and ARMINDO AND THE DARK CHAMBER, 2017/2018.
She directed the theatrical creation (2nd part) Álbum de Família with Isabel Costa (1st part), from the collection of family photographs d ‘A Muralha – Guimarães Association, a production of the Teatro Oficina for the programming of the Festivais Gil Vicente, 2017 in Casa da Memória, Guimarães.
She was part of the collective of artists DAS PLAST V PJS, the project – A few reasons for non dismissive art , Eduarda Neves. 2014/2015 and integrates the Correspondences project of Eduarda Neves in 2015/2018.
Her art projects, developed mainly in performance, film, video, photography and installation, often taking on an itinerant basis. In the last years he has worked from family archive images – photographs, films – personal or anonymous, creating from them new objects. A research work around time, image-memory.
Your films and creations – Female, Family Imaginary, (Family Archive Project), Rota (small family history), MONO-LOGO, From memory, among other works have been part of the program of various national and international festivals, as well as collective exhibitions.
She collaborated in projects of Cia – Excesses, Brazil and with Utero Cultural Association. She joined FAMEP | I Jornadas PHOTOGRAPHY AND ARCHIVE of ESAP in 2014.
She was a member of the jury of feature films at the 17th Luso-Brazilian Festival of Santa Maria da Feira and in 2016 at Curta Oito – International Super 8 Festival in Curitiba, Brazil.

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