Sally Santiago


Sally Santiago (b.1996. São Paulo. BR) is a visual artist and researcher currently living and working in Porto, Portugal. She started her journey in plastic arts as a child, her first memory is of embroidery made from banana leaves with lemon spines, taught by her grandmother, since then she has been exploring different artistic formats. With an involvement and inspiration always focused on the greatness of nature, her work always brings debate between human experiences and their changing process, perception of themselves and their connection with spaces –the dwell in greatness.

From organic forms, the representations presented in her paintings and videos, capture a little of the most ordinary human senses, simultaneously bringing to the surface the construction of meaning of what is generally seen as insignificant. Awakening hidden memories, submerging values or just accepting the path of processes is as valuable as art.

Sally Santiago completed her study in social communication in 2017, moved to New Zealand and once again immersing in nature she was led to artistic extensions such as audiovisual experimental projects, until then, where she keep creating. She is currently a Master’s student in Contemporary Artistic Creation at the University of Aveiro and her journey continues as similar to her art, singular and full of intense and real processes.

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