Breathe a Little Bit Faster, now!

Sara Bernardo
August 25th – 10 pm

Curator: Jean-François Chougnet | Session: Open Call – Selected Videos

Breathe a little bit faster, now! | 1984 is inspired by George Orwell’s book “1984”, where the ideology and way of living are presented in an oppressed warzone, a censored dystopian universe.

This videodance piece for three performers touches the ideas of vigilance and oppression, ranging from the perception of constantly being observed, to the opposite extreme of physical oppression and subsequent conformism of the oppressed. The environment is black, grayish of war.

Recreating the watchful environment of “”1984″”, we resort to video support, where we bring to the screen the deep emotions and actions of each character. The self and peer-censorship and the construction of characters who know that are being observed is part of the dramaturgy, as well as what goes on “”behind the camera””- the raw exposition of a being in its intimacy.

All these questions are explored, transforming into a narrative where bodies move together and interchange, where harmoniously, or not, they cohabit a space and try to find ways to escape others and themselves.


Choreography: Sara Bernardo
Interpretation: Catarina Feijão, Sara Santervás e João Almeida
Directing : Pedro Emes Nogueira
Photography : Victor Gomes
Camera Assistants: Ana Barbosa, Pedro Marques
Color and Editing: Diana Cunha, Pedro Emes Nogueira
Music: Miste, de The Haxan Cloak
Production: Bombada Collective, Pedro Emes Nogueira
Executive Production: Sara Bernardo
Equipment: filmesdamente
Project Financially Supported by DGArtes


Date:August 25th
Author:Sara Bernardo
Curator: Jean-François Chougnet

Works selected by the curator:


Sofia Arriscado & Costanza Givone


Helena Inverno, Verónica Castro & Bouchra Ouizguen