From Afar


The programme curated by Centro de Arte e Comunicação for this year’s edition of FUSO – THE ANNUAL VIDEOARTE INTERNACIONAL DE LISBOA – brings together a selection of five works made by students on the Cinema / Moving Image course at ARCOlisboa, who accepted the challenge of working from the idea of “On the Border”, the theme for the festival this year.

In a period of forced isolation due to the fight against the Co-vid 19 pandemic and with the world dominated exclusively by multimedia screens, the imagination has had to find other ways to travel and find non-human eyes that could bring the desired images, and different points of observation of the world, beyond just the views from our homes.

Many of the videos presented in this programme are made using found footage. However, they are not taken from artistic works or audio-visual material previously edited, but are images captured and reproduced in real time by surveillance cameras scattered in remote locations or geospatial analysis platforms. These works reveal the scopic nature of the present and the possibility of creating familiarity with strangers; the desire for impossible journeys; and the peripheral view of the world from extra-terrestrial angles. In a clear ambiguity between the public and the private, new territories are founded, in which time electrifies the technological machine and where telepresence is assumed to be the greatest of distances.


Schedule:August 29th, at 10:00 pm

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Marcus Silva